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(2020). Tracing Personality Structure in Narratives: A Computational Bottom–Up Approach to Unpack Writers, Characters, and Personality in Historical Context. European Journal of Personality.

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(2020). Time investments in rituals are associated with social bonding, affect and subjective health: A longitudinal study of Diwali in two Indian communities. Philosophical Transactions B.

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(2020). Revisiting the five-facet structure of mindfulness. r Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences.

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(2020). How Normative Multiculturalism affects Immigrant Wellbeing. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

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(2020). Experimental Methods In Cross-Cultural Management. The SAGE Handbook of Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management.


(2019). A Primer to (Cross-Cultural) Multi-Group Invariance Testing Possibilities in R. Frontiers in Psychology.

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(2018). Developing the credibility of psychological science: Graduate student reflections on open science.. Psychology Aotearoa.


(0001). The Complexities of “Minding the Gap”: Perceived Discrepancies Between Values and Behavior Affect Well-Being. Frontiers in Psychology.

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